Giants, Dwarves & Wizards | Outlearn Activity Guide

Have you heard of the classic game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’? ‘Giants, dwarves and wizards’ is an activity that is virtually the same to play. Giants, dwarves and wizards to combine strategy and fare, to out wit the other team. This allows children to better understand team work, cooperation, strategy and express their creativity fare.


This is a slight twist on the ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’. Go through the actions and make up a sound for each characters, which are;


They stand on their tiptoes with their arms raised to make themselves as tall as possible. Giants beat wizards because they can stamp and squash them.


They stand in a lunge stance with their fingers pointing forward as if casting a spell. Wizards beat dwarves as they can turn them to stone.


They squat down and put their hands over their ears to indicate pointy ears. Dwarves beat giants as they are too fast for them to catch and can trip them up.

Divide the group into two teams and ask them decide, as a team, what they are collectively going to be, giants, dwarves or wizards. At each end of the area are safe zones. The two teams then need to stand in a line opposite each other in the middle of the area. On the count of three both teams need to adopt the agreed position.

The winning team then has to act fast and tig a member in the opposing group, which at the same time are trying to get back to their safe zone. If a member gets tug then they join the other team. The winning team are the ones who have caught everyone on the opposing team.

Safety Tips

Do a visual scan for any trip hazards on the floor. Space awareness—make sure that everyone doesn’t bump into each other.