Forest Supply Store | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘Forest supply store’ is a great challenge that focuses on mathematics, teamwork, and planning skills. The aim of the forest supply store is to combine maths and their resources to create enough natural materials to help reshape the elf city. This allows children to practise their maths skills within a woodland settling.


  • Roll of String/Scissors
  • Sticks/Leaves/Grass
  • Stone/Rock/Cones/Nuts
  • Palettes or man-made wood


Using the organic materials around your area, provide the group with a forest supply store. The above picture is an example of what you could create, but this is down to the groups ability level. You may require to change all of the figures on the list above to a more rounded figure e.g. £15 …… cone/nuts x 10 or £20 …. a roll of string x 10.

The story can be that you are a charity known as ‘Mystical Aid’ and you’re wanting to help the Elf community. When looking at the project, you realise you need to create a number of different types of buildings. Get the group to decide what buildings need to be built e.g. Police Station (PS)/Elf Hall (EH)/Train Station (TS)/Public House (PH).

Create a sum that will be donated to this project then get the group to stretch out these buildings and look at what resources they may need, then decide how much each building should get given.

Example of a budget breakdown for this project, if they were given £180 by the leader;

PS—£45 / EH—£30 / TS—£40 / PH—£65

Safety Tips

Wash your hands after the activity.