Find your Tree | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘Find your tree’ will give you the opportunity to focus on your senses. The aim of finding your tree is cooperation and trust with others to find your tree. This allows children to better understand their senses and develop a good foundation of trust in others.


  • Blindfolds


Divide the group into pairs or threes. One member of the group is blindfolded and are led by their peer/s to a tree. Great emphasis needs to be on the responsibility of those leading the blindfolded player.

The blindfolded person has their hands put onto the trunk of the tree. What does it feel like? Is it rough or smooth? How big is the tree? Can they get their arms around the trunk? Is anything growing on it like moss, lichen or ivy? Does it have any distinguishing features?

The blindfolded person is then led away from their tree, maybe spun around to disorientate them and their blindfold is removed. Their task is to see if they can find their tree. When they have found their tree, it is the turn of the next person to be blindfolded, so that everyone has the chance to experience being responsible for others as well as trusting others to look after them.

Safety Tips

To tread carefully while blindfolded and for the guides to help their partner by guiding them away from hazards, uneven ground and low lying branches.