Find the Elf City | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘Find the elf city’ is a lovely outdoor activity suitable for young children of all abilities. The aim of find the elf city is to join the first two activities to the next in a fluid manor. This allows them to explore their imaginative side and create the world that the elves live in.


Before setting off, you are given the directions to the secret city of the elves. It reads; friends of elf city you must use this guide to get safely through the dragon infested woodland. Beware your team may see the dragon, if so, shout out ‘Dragon!’ then all the group has to hide until it is safe to return to the path.

Directions to the secret city

Higher Ability

Walk forward 15 paces, turn 90 degrees to the right, walk backwards (3+4) paces, side step left (3x2) times, turn 180 degrees to the left, and finally walk forward (20÷4) paces.

Lower Ability

Move 10 paces forwards, 4 side steps to the left, 8 paces forwards, 3 hops to the right, 6 big strides forwards, (2+1) paces backwards, (3-1) side steps to the left, and finally 6 skips forward to the elf city.

Safety Tips

When hiding or finding the elf city, be careful of branches at face height.