Dragon! | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘Dragon!’ be careful not to get caught by the dragon, so you need to be alert! The aim of dragon is to combine natural materials and the imagination to help keep the story alive. This allows children to keep focused on the leader within the woodland and to embrace the story.


Look for loose natural materials such as leaves, sticks, grasses, pine cones etc. Find a patch of grass and make your dragon.

Try and see how many different shapes you can put into the sculpture. Maybe have circles for eyes, triangles as scales, and a rectangle snout. Higher abilities could make a 3D dragon, and lower abilities could make a 2D dragon.

Once the dragon is created get either the individual or group that made their creation to tell a story about their dragon. Include details like; it’s name, where it has come from, and the reason why its circling the Elf village.

Safety Tips

Check whether the grass is safe to work on. Wash your hands after the activity.