Blindfold Shapes | Outlearn Activity Guide

Can you make shapes using a rope? This team related outdoor activity will push your communication teamwork skills. The aim of blindfold shapes is to focus only on the ability to listen to others and feel where the group want to go due to the connection of the team when creating a shape. This allows children to better understand each other and also have empathy with others who have lost their sight.


  • Rope
  • Blindfolds


Blindfold the group and give them a rope, which has been connected together to form a circle. They will need to make a shape with the rope and lay it on the ground. Ask them to make various shapes like; a circle, a triangle, a rectangle, a square, an oval, an octagon, or a star.

Alternately to make this task easier, there can be one sighted person who can give verbal instructions to the rest of the team. This encourages team work, leadership, communication, and cooperation skills.

Safety Tips

To check the ground for trip hazards before you start. Keep a couple of sighted people as spotters for each group.