45 Seconds | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘45 Seconds’ is a different outlook on the game dodge ball. The aim of 45 seconds is to work in pairs and not get caught by a ball. This allows children to better understand nature, their environment, and learn how to work well in pairs.


  • Timer
  • Soft Ball


The group splits up into pairs. They select who they want to pitch, and the pitcher rolls the ball to the pair. The game and timer starts when one of the pair kick the ball. If the ball is then caught in mid air, the pair are out and the next pair step up. If not then the aim of the game is to try and survive by not getting hit by the ball for 45 seconds.

The group can pick up the ball, but once picked up they can not move until they get rid of it, either by passing to another teammate or by trying to get the pair out. If the pair come in contact with the ball in anyway, they are out of the game and can no longer move. Fortunately, their partner can tag them to set them free.

Once the 45 seconds are up, or both players are out, the round is over. If they both survived the time, the pair gets two points. If only one survives, the pair get one point. After this, the process continues with another pair.

When all pairs have had the opportunity to play, you can initiate a new round. If the group get really into the game, you could draw up a scoreboard to have many rounds.

Safety Tips

Do a visual scan for any trip hazards on the floor. Space awareness—make sure that everyone is aware of each other.