Joe Bogumsky

How the Woodland Trust is Helping our Schools

This article explains how the woodland trust’s award for schools can help teachers inspire and educate their pupils around creating and sustaining our plant. It also breaks down the award, to make it easier to understand what each part consists of.

The Woodland Trust has devised a great award that schools can adopt for free. It was created as a project in 2008 and has helped children learn about and be inspired by trees, woods and wildlife. It’s provided children with many different activities and challenges that have helped towards their learning and development.

The Importance of the Award

We are living in a world that is only starting to recognise the serious crisis the planet is under. This award helps support schools deliver activities, which shows pupils what is required for our world to change for the better. Hopefully these experiential activities will have a positive effect towards the pupils’ family, friends, and local community.

Award Levels

The Green Tree Schools Award has four levels that a school can work towards, which are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. The award works on a points system, and the activities given by the Woodland Trust offer different types of activities with low to high points assigned to them. Activities can be done in any order.

  • Bronze - To gain this award you have to earn 5 points (downloadable certificate)
  • Silver - To gain this award you have to earn 10 points (downloadable certificate)
  • Gold - To gain this award you have to earn 15 points (downloadable certificate, wooden plaque, two bonus platinum challenges are automatically activated once gold has been achieved)
  • Platinum - To gain this award you have to earn 30 points including  2 platinum challenges (downloadable certificate, metallic plaque upgrade)

For more in depth information about the Green Tree Schools Award click here .

Getting Started

If you are interested in finding out about getting involved with the Green Tree Schools Award, then speak to their team by clicking here .