Joe Bogumsky

A Mark to Guide Schools Towards a Better Future

Are schools ready to move towards a more interesting and engaging curriculum? This article talks about how schools can gain a particular accreditation (at numerous levels) that helps transform how pupils learn, giving them a more valuable school experience.

In 2006, the government released the Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Manifesto , explaining their vision to provide children with approaches to experiential learning as the main focus. Since then the Council of Learning Outside the Classroom (CLOtC) developed and supported schools going for their LOtC Mark. Museums can really get your mind wondering?

The Importance of the LOtC Mark in Schools

LOtC Mark helps schools focus on how to create a brilliant and engaging curriculum. By having such an interesting curriculum, pupils get the opportunity to understand and explore a multiple amount of learning spaces like school grounds, local communities, and local natural environments. Certain explorations will get them using equipment like; data loggers, digital cameras, pooters, and measuring wheels, which will enhance their experiences within their formative school years.

Accreditation Levels

LOtC Mark has three levels that a school can apply for, which are bronze, silver, and gold. At each level, schools are required to provide regular and dynamic experiences to all pupils.

The difference between the levels are:

  • Bronze - schools are trying to implement and develop LOtC within their curriculum
  • Silver - schools have implemented and developed LOtC within their curriculum
  • Gold -schools have shown fantastic LOtC provision, demonstrating that they are a leader in this field.

After reading the difference between each level, you may feel that your school operates at a Silver/Gold level, if this is the case then you can apply for a direct entry. Winter activities that can become a lasting memory of their school life. For more in depth information about the breakdown of each level, click here . If your school feels ready to go to the next stage in gaining the LOtC Mark, then click here .