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Outdoor Activities: Middlesbrough? - Wildlife encounters?

Newham Grange Country Farm Middlesbrough

Wykeham Way
Coulby Newham

01642 515 729/07769 135 312
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About Newham Grange Country Farm

Visit Newham Grange Country Farm and experience wildlife encounters in Middlesbrough.

For information of costs and how to book, visit the Newham Grange Country Farm website or get in touch with them via the details above.

Where to find them

Newham Grange Country Farm Opening Hours


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The nearest train station to Newham Grange Country Farm is:

  • Marton

The closest taxis to Newham Grange Country Farm are:

  • Thornaby Pavillion
    St.Peters Square, TS17 0EE
    2.89 miles away

  • Station Cars
    Railway Terrace, TS16 0BS
    5.18 miles away

  • Bink's
    Marsh House Avenue, TS23 3TG
    5.68 miles away

  • Billingham Town Centre
    The Causeway, TS23 2JT
    6 miles away

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    Marton Road, TS4 3SB
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  • China King Buffet
    Devonshire Road, TS5 6DN
    2.2 miles away

  • Sirkars
    Marton Road, TS4 2HF
    2.46 miles away

  • Central Park
    Linthorpe Road, TS5 6AA
    2.49 miles away

  • Fellini's
    Linthorpe Road, TS5 6AA
    2.51 miles away

  • Cafe Bahia
    Linthorpe Road, TS1 3QW
    2.65 miles away

  • Nando's
    Sandown Way, TS17 7BT
    2.66 miles away

  • Wagamama
    Goodwood Square, TS17 7BP
    2.76 miles away

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    Ormesby Road, TS3 0DY
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Accommodation nearby
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  • Premier Inn Middlesbrough Central South
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  • The Highfield
    Marton Road, TS4 2PA
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  • Cambridge Hotel
    Cambridge Road, TS5 5HL
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  • Holiday Inn Express
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  • Travelodge Middlesbrough
    Newport Road, TS1 5JF
    3.16 miles away

  • Leonardo Hotel
    Fry Street, TS1 1JH
    3.17 miles away

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