The following group of activities look at shape, space, and measure within the woodland. These activities develop; your trust, leadership, cooperation, patience, teamwork, life and craft skills, angles, scale, reflection, orientation, addition, and estimating.

Make a Kite

Kite making requires mathematical skills, resources, and determination to create a functioning kit. The aim of making a kite is to use your initiative and artistic flare.


'Nangles' enlightens people on how many natural angels they are within the natural world. The aim of nangles is to combine the use of natural materials with maths.

Natural Symmetry

Can you find symmetry within the natural world. The aim of this activity is to find natural material and use a mirror to investigate whether they have symmetry or not.

Hidden Shapes

Shapes are everywhere, all you need is to become more aware of you environment. The aim of hidden shapes is to first train your eyes to focus on shapes on a grid then to turn it to natural hidden shapes.

Blindfold Shapes

'Blindfold shapes' is a great team related outdoor activity suitable for young children of all abilities. The aim of blindfold shapes is to focus on listening to others and feel where the group want to go when creating a shape.

Storyboard Shapes

Telling a story using sticks and other natural materials might be fun, but making an the characters into shapes in mind blowing. The aim of storyboard shapes is to use your imagination and artistic flare.


Have you ever tried to follow a route that was made by one of your peers? The aim of tracking is to come up with natural signs that will help guide someone through your chosen path.

Burn, Burn, Burn

Have you ever wondered if that feather or leaf will burn? This activity will show you what burns, and for how long.

Are we nearly there yet?

'Are we nearly there yet?' looks at trust and the ability to estimate. The aim of this activity is to trust your partner and guess how long it will take to complete the course.

Natural Javelin

'Natural javelin' is a creative outdoor activity suitable for young children of all abilities. The aim of making a natural javelin is to combine your creative skills and the natural environment.