'Robots' is full of challenges like communicating to a blindfolded member, to interpreting hand signals from another team mate. The aim of robots is to combine communication skills and the ability to all work together to complete the challenge. This allows children to better understand their environment, team and focus on either their senses, listening skills, or communication skills.


  • Cones

Each group requires:

  • Balls or Beam Bags x 4
  • Carry Box
  • Blindfold
  • Helmet (optional)


To guide their nominated pupil to retrieve their balls/bags and put them back in their carry box. Set-up the activity by getting the group into 4 smaller groups of 3. The robots need to wear their helmets and blindfolds, the leader then throws balls out into the balled area.


  • Robot faces away from group to be ready
  • Group member no.1 faces away with their back to the robot, but CAN SPEAK!
  • Group member no.2 faces towards the ball area being able to see everything, but CANNOT SPEAK!
  • Robot cannot take the blindfold off
  • Robot can only retrieve one ball/bag at a time

Safety Tips

Monitor the robots spacial awareness, watch out for them bumping into each other.