'Rehoming creatures' is a focused group of activities that priorities on firstly finding out who needs helping and then focusing our efforts in building the homes. If you are looking for unique ways to engage yourself and other surrounding data collection then this section is where you should start.

These activities develop your; trust, cooperation, patience, teamwork, life skills, addition, estimating, and record taking. Each activity will ooze so many other benefits, so why not get choosing and try them out!


  • Pencil/Ruler/Paper


Get into pairs and find specific areas to conduct your search. Find different types of creatures and record them on a tally chart. Then using the examples below (or make another), workout how many houses to make for the creatures.

Progression: On your first look at the area, make a prediction of how many different creatures you will find. Even put your predictions into a table. Using the factual information (data), compare with what you predicted before you came to the woodland. How close were you to your factual information (data)?

Bees Bees B&B
Woodlice Log Piles/Dead Wood/Leaf Litter
Birds Bird Box
Snail Rock/Stone Piles
Labybirds Pine Cone Palace

Safety Tips

Make sure you're adhering to the best practise with regard to group management around the woodland.

Create Homes for Bugs

After gathering your data, you will know which type of bug home to create. The below activities will show you how to make homes for each type of creature named in the table above.