'Night line' focuses on your senses, so make sure they are sharp and you will be great. The aim of night line is to combine communication skills and the ability work all together to manoeuver around the challenges. This allows children to better understand their environment, team and focus on either their senses, listening skills, or communication skills.


  • Rope/plastic tape
  • Trees/posts/electric fence posts
  • Blindfolds
  • Tarps/hoops/cones/etc (optional course equipment)


Setting up a night line could either be done before the session or with the group. It is important to try and use the terrain to enhance the course. When creating a night line course you need to know how long to make it, then put posts (or use trees) equal distance. Put rope around the course and then add equipment that the group will have to either, climb through, step over, crawl under, walk through etc.

The group, once blindfolded and on the night line, can not let go of the line. The group will need to have support (guiding group away from dangers). This support could either be an adult, or, if numbers permit, the group could be split into two, with one group supporting the other group on the night line.

Safety Tips

Make group aware of potential trips and slips. If in a woodland then be careful of low lying trees.