'Leafy leaves' is a great way of collecting all different types of leaves and really looking and understanding them. The aim of leafy leaves is to combine nature and graphs. This allows children to better understand nature, their environment and how to create a tally chart.


  • Pencil/Ruler/Paper
  • Bags or Buckets


How many leaves can you find within the woodland. Before you go out, make a prediction of what kind of leaves you will see, and record these predictions on a chart. Some leaves could be; five leafed leaves, small heart-like leaves, nine leafed leaves, spikey red leaves, etc.

Once at the woodland, get into groups and either use the whole woodland or specific areas to try and find as many leaves as possible. Once collected, get the group to come up with their own way of categorising their leaves.

Using the factual information, compare with what you predicted before you came to the woodland. How close were you to the data collected?

Safety Tips

Make sure your adhering to the best practise with regard to group management around the woodland.