Trusting someone is such an important part of any relationship, which is why this activity is very important. The aim of instructed trust walks is to combine communication skills and the ability to explicitly instruct another group member to complete the activity. This allows children to better understand their environment, team and focus on their communication/listening skills.


  • Blindfolds
  • Bags/Objects


Pick two members from the group, and give them the job of either the 'instructor' or the 'doer'. The instructor has to give explicit instructions to the doer in order to complete the task. The doer has to do exactly what they are told. The task is to guide their doer around an area blindfolded.

The leader places an object/bag for each group to go an collect. The instructor gives the doer explicit instructions, but is also their safety partner. The progression to this activity is to time it, which may bring out their competitive side.  

Safety Tips

Highlight to the group that instructions, even unaware, should not put the doer in any harm. Be aware of uneven ground, when walking blindfolded. Make sure you're adhering to best practise with regard to group management.