Nangles | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘Nangles’ enlightens people on how many angles they are within the natural world. The aim of nangles is to combine the use of natural materials with maths. This allows children to better understand angles and the natural environment.


  • Protractor
  • String
  • Sticks
  • Scissors


Before setting out into the woodland or your local area, get two sticks and tie them together ( sheer lashing ). The sticks can be any size, but it is felt that the smaller the sticks are the easier it is to walk with them.

Get pupils to understand a number of different angles like;

45º/ 90º/ 135º / 180º

Then go outside and try and find different types of nature angles. Use the sticks to help you measure the natural angles, then to get an even more accurate reading by using a protractor. How close were you? Try looking for tiny angles in places like leaf veins or grass crossing over each other.

Safety Tips

Never run while holding sticks!