Make a Broom | Outlearn Activity Guide

Young children of all abilities can imagine they are fly in and out of great mystical stories. Immerse yourself into a magical world and try to produce a great creation. This allows children to better understand nature, their environment and to express creativity.


  • String/Bramble Runners
  • Clematis Stems/New Tree Growth/Sticks
  • Scissors


Choose a sturdy stick. If you plan to fly long distances, make sure it is strong and has a comfy place to sit. Collect some twiggy twigs such as birch twigs or the wood stems of lavender.

Gather these in a bundle around one end of the stick and tie securely with string, bramble runners or clematis stems. Tie on another layer of bristles, a little above the first layer, then repeat until you have a nice bushy broom.

Safety Tips

Use good practise when using scissors, and after activity wash hands.