It's a Bug's Life | Outlearn Activity Guide

What different types of creatures live in and around your area. You will focus on making a bug in both a physical form and picture. You will figure out what type of bugs live in your area, provide food for it and build a home for it too.

Your Favourite Bug

Do you have a favourite bug? What is it called? Create your bug using natural materials.

Bug Print

Make your masterpiece by using natural materials and paint, and then press the painted materials onto the paper to create your favourite bug.

Materials: Brushes, paints, natural materials, and paper

Find my Friends

It is now time to start looking for bugs. When you find them you could either, list them in a tally chart or use a more advanced version e.g. pictograph.

Materials: Pencil, Paper

Hungary Creatures

Find out how many different creatures live in this area. If you can only find one type of creature then count how many there are, and collect their food (leaves). You can make a food ratio for the bugs.

E.g. a beetle can eat 2 leaves. If your group can find 15 beetles then they will have to find 30 leaves.

Rehoming Creatures

Once you know how many different types of species are living in your area, you can decide on what to make the bugs.