Earth, Air or Water | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘Earth, air or water’ is a quick thinking outdoor/indoor activity suitable for young children of all abilities. The aim of earth, air, water is to combine hand eye coordination and quick thinking. This allows children to work on their thinking skills and reactions.


  • A Ball or Pine cone


Ask everyone to stand in a circle. Throw a ball or a pine cone to a member of the group and say either ‘Earth’, ‘Air’ or ‘Water’.

The catcher must think of a creature that lives or spends a lot of its time in that environment. For example earth could be earthworm, mole or rabbit. Air might be a butterfly, robin or owl. Water could a trout, dolphin or even plankton.

Safety Tips

Make sure they understand not to throw overhand, due to the risk of hit someone in the face with an object.