Dragons Breath | Outlearn Activity Guide

This friendship bracelet activity can be used as part of a story where the wool is ‘dragons breath’ and you need it to create a bracelet to keep you safe. The aim of dragons breath is to combine wool, teamwork and to create a unique bracelet. This allows children to better understand how to cooperate, work on their motor skills and express their imagination.


  • Wool (two different colours)
  • Scissors
  • Tape


Cut the wool and go to a tree or shrub and place all over. Bring the group towards the tree explaining that this tree is known as a friendship tree, then explain about a dragon and its breath, and how using it’s breath (wool) you can create bracelets, which let the elves know you are friendly. This is how you can use an activity to aid a story. If it’s raining then just follow instructions below indoors.

Put the group into pairs and for each pair, cut both strands of wool approx. 1m. The pairs will face each other, holding the wool parallel to each other, then start to twist the wool together so you look like an aeroplane blade. You continue this until you don’t have anymore slack (or close to). The trick is to make sure the twists are pulled together, so that you are giving it more spring (‘DON’T LET GO!’).

Next stage is to pinch one end, then the middle, and fold it, and then bring both ends together. Once this has happen, still holding both ends together you then let go of the middle. It should then spring and untwist, which creates your bracelet. You then tie it around someone’s wrist with a simple overhand (granny) knot. If that did not work then tie an overhand on the stringy end, which will then be transformed into a bookmark!

If individuals want to do this activity on their own, then use the tape and attach one end to a table, then continue as stated above.

Safety Tips

If members are using scissors then make sure they use good practise.