'Get knotted' can be played indoors or out, and shows how you can make great knots by literally jumping through your on hoops. The aim of get knotted is to combine communication skills and the ability to all work together to complete the challenge. This allows children to better understand their environment, team and focus on their problem solving skills.


  • Ropes x 3 (per group of 6)


Place three ropes equally over each other like a star. If you only have 4 in the group then use 2 ropes. The group have to create a big knot in the middle for the first round, and then to untie the knot in the second round.


  • Get the entire group to hold on to the end of their rope and not let go!
  • Everyone must keep hold of their rope and start to weave in and out of the teams ropes to make a knot in the middle.
  • Once every team has made a knot, then start to untie it.

Safety Tips

Working closely within a group, be aware of clashing heads. Be aware of slipping or tripping.