'Fire/Cooking activities' are great ways to understand that fire can be a significantly helpful tool. If you are looking for interesting ways to engage others around a fire then this section is where you should start. These activities develop your cooking skills, fire and tool safety, fine motor skills, and cooperation. Each activity has so many other benefits, so why not get choosing and try them out!


The natural television (fire) is a great way of teasing words out of your mind. 'Fire/words/mobiles' aims to encourage us to think of words that can describe fire.

You’ve Been Drawing

What an opportunity for anyone to use charcoal as a pencil in creating something artistic. The aim of you've been drawing is to encourage our art skills and the ability to express what we want on natural materials, canvas or paper.

Cup of Tea

'Cup of tea' is a refreshing outdoor activity suitable for young children of all abilities. The aim of making a cup of tea is to look at producing a refreshment with fire whilst out in the woods.

Magic Flame Pine Cones

A camp fire is a magical resource, especially if, when burning, different colours emerged from it. The aim of magic flame pine cones is to enhance story telling by creating mesmerising flames using different chemicals.

Natural Dyes

Have you even got a grass stain or blackberries have been squished onto your white shirt? This activity combines natural materials to produce unique stained fabrics.

Nettle Soup

Nettles have always been looked at as a weed that can sting you, so to make it into soup sounds crazy. Making nettle soup is to show that you can forage and cook your our meal in the woodland.

Chocolate Bananas

Combining chocolate, bananas, and fire is always a good concoction that makes a great activity. The aim of making chocolate bananas is to show fruit in a different light, and how fire can help create tasty delights.


Have you ever made bread? The aim of making bannock bread is to prepare, create, and cook bread over an open fire.

Baked Apples

'Baked apples' is a juicy outdoor activity suitable for any age. The aim of making baked apples is to prepare, create, and cook apples over an open fire.

Foil Parcels

If you have good chopping skills or want to develop them, then this activity is for you. The aim of making foil parcels is to prepare, create, and cook apples over an open fire.