'Crossing the swamp' is a great indoor/outdoor activity suitable for young children of all abilities. The aim of crossing the swamp is to combine communication skills and the ability to all work together to get to the other side. This allows children to better understand their environment, team and focus on either their senses, listening skills, or communication skills.


  • Small mats, boxes, hoops, or tyres
  • Cones or benches


All the groups need to start from the same position at the side of the swamp. This can be done using either cones or two benches per group (one each side). In groups, they must work together to become the first across the swamp.


  • Explain that they cannot step on to the floor otherwise the leader will enforce a time penalty
  • Groups have to try and work out a way of getting from ‘A-to-B’ successfully
  • The leader can intervene either at the very start or when they feel that individual groups are not achieving, by giving them different ways of getting from ‘A-to-B’ (I.e. make it harder or easier)

Safety Tips

Make group aware of potential trips and slips.