These activities will help give confidence to young minds, helping them to produce a unique creation. They will develop your creative skills, fine motor skills, and imagination. If you are looking to find ways to engage with others in a story, then this section can help you create those items. Each activity will give you so many other benefits, so why not get choosing and try them out!

Make a Star

Can you make a square or triangle out of natural material? Making a star is a great challenging maths creation that can be done indoors or out. The aim of it is to combine natural materials to produce a unique shape.

Make a Scavenging Stick

This great outdoor activity can send you on a journey, provide many new experiences. The aim of making a scavenging stick is to show yourself and others that you have been on a memorable walk.

Make a Broom

Young children of all abilities can imagine they are fly in and out of great mystical stories. Immerse yourself into a magical world and try to produce a great creation.

Make Stick & Clay Animals

The woodland is alive with small creatures, could you creative them using sticks or clay? Making stick and clay animals focuses on fine motor skills and imagination.

Make Hobby Animals

Hobby animals are great fun to create, as they can become part of your story and even be the star of the show. The focus of making a hobby animal is to immerse yourself into a magical world and produce a great creature.

Fairy/Fish Sticks

'Fairy/fish sticks' is a magical outdoor activity that looks at taking you on great adventures. This allows children to better understand how to tie knots, nature, their environment and to express creativity.

You’ve Been Framed

This tangible outdoor activity shows you how to create a memorable creation. The aim of you've been framed is to create a frame using thick sticks found in the woodland.

Make a Woody Crown

Creating a woody crown will provide a doorway for you and your group into the world of royalty. The aim of making this crown is to focus on fine motor skills and a story about kings and queens.

Wild Masks

Become one of the creatures that live within the woodland by creating a wild mask. Immerse yourself into nature and use your skills to produced this great creation (mask), which will aid you in falling deeper into your fantastic imagination.

Stick Totem Poles

'Stick totem poles' is a fulfilling outdoor activity suitable for young children of all abilities. The aim of making a stick totem pole is to try and understand the native Americans point of view.