'An introduction to the elf story' is a section of themed activities that focuses on a secret story about helping restore the elves city, which has been destroyed by the dragon. If you are looking for story based maths-focused activities then this section is where you should start. The selection of activities are there to help develop your; trust, leadership, cooperation, patience, teamwork, life skills, and use and apply the maths knowledge within life tasks. Each themed story will ooze so many other benefits, so why not get choosing and try them out!

When embracing this story you will need to work out if the dragon is a horrific beast that prays on the helpless elves, or is it just misunderstood and happened to accidentally destroyed their city with its big feet? Has it got a bad cold and coughed a fire ball onto the city?

Through these different activities, it is important to keep the story alive by asking the group how they might feel if their house was destroyed? Talk about the elves and how they are normally very shy. Ask why they think wild animals/elves are extremely shy?

Anytime before you ‘Find the Elf City’, you could add an extra task in, known as ‘Dragon’s Breath’. You can then tie the bracelet around the wrist, and explain to the group that once you are wearing your dragon’s breath bracelet, the elves will know that you are not trying to harm them.

Themed Activities

These activities below are maths focused and keep to the elf story.