In recent years, children in the UK spend much, if not most, of their time indoors watching TV, using the internet or sitting in classrooms. Little time is spent interacting with the world around them.

We believe that this lack of outdoor exploration may be impacting not only on their ability to learn and retain data, but also their mental health.

New research in this field has shown that outdoor learning has made children happier, healthier, and more motivated to learn, and therefore it is important for schools to integrate this form of teaching within their curriculum. Equally, families have a big part to play in this journey by providing additional exposure to the outdoors.

Our wish for everyone to use, appreciate and protect nature, is vital so that each person and the environment they are in, can grow from each experience. If we do not grow with nature we won't understand it, and if we don't understand it, we can't look after it, and we can't look after it, who will?

We have developed the outdoor activities section to enable both schools and families to have a better understanding of how to move forward in providing quality memories and experiences, in helping children gain a deeper level of learning.

We are here to help support you at every stage of your journey, in discovering the outdoors. Let's all try to encourage each other to get outside and have some great memories and experiences.

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